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Incident Response

If a HIPAA violation occurs, the Incident Response Tool guides covered entities through a seven-step process to evaluate and address the problem. The module allows health care providers to tackle the issue at hand and helps prevent it from recurring.

Audit Reports

Healthcare professionals may not know when an audit is coming, but Compliancy Group ensures they will always be ready. The Audit module compiles all relevant documents and generates reports from data already in the application.

Policies and Procedures

Because no two health care facilities are the same, Compliancy Group allows users to create and amend policies specific to their organizations. The Policies and Procedures module also verifies that the covered entity's procedures align with HIPAA compliance.

Employee Training

The comprehensive training ensures all workforce members are up-to-date on HIPAA knowledge and understand practical application of the law. The Employee Training module even has assignment and tracking features, so covered entities remain aware of any educational gaps.

Asset Inventory

With the continuous reliance on technology in the health care industry, it is required that covered entities keep track of media that contains protected health information. The Asset Inventory module maintains a record of which devices contain ePHI, where the technology is located and who has access to it.

Contingency Plans

HIPAA requires health care providers continue business operations and remain compliance even if interruptions occur. The Contingency module provides covered entities with a plan to carry on in the event of a fire, theft, vandalism or any other business disturbance.

Risk Assessment

This feature guides the Site Administrator, and Security and Privacy Officers through a series of questions that pertain to the HIPAA compliance for their organization. Based on those answers, the module produces a risk rating that covered entities can use to determine if they need to make changes to their policies.

Business Associates

Create and send an agreement to Business Associates that ensures HIPAA compliance for all professional relationships. The feature makes it easy to produce written safeguards pertaining to PHI and provides a place to keep track of all this information.

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    Healthcare IT Professional Services

    Thank you for taking an interest in our company. We were founded in 1998 and have more than 96 years of combined hands-on mission-critical experience. Our company first began out of our CEO's dedication to the healthcare industry. He saw a need for technology assistance to help assist practitioners in providing better quality and efficient care. Since then, we have grown and made a niche for ourselves in the Joplin metro area as the largest managed services technology provider.

    We have the proven experience to help use innovative solutions to help assist you in patient care. We can provide every piece you need to help open, build and assure your practice is running smoothly through the use of technology.

    While the critical component that we manage is the network, hardware and systems, what is of utmost importance to us is our business relationship with you, the client. We strive for the highest degree of accountability and integrity by building positive trust and respect in our relationships. We recognize our responsibility to our community and environment by supporting local charitable causes, promoting business relationships and strengthening small business development.