HIPAA Compliance is difficult to attain, costly to manage and wastes a lot of payroll hours.

SNC2 has a simple and affordable solution to your compliance woes.

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Compliancy Group makes it easier to compile, track and report everything required for compliance and more.


Compliance is not fun, butCompliancy Group easily makes it part of your culture.

Get more information on how you can be HIPAA Compliant in less than an hour a week.

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    Compliancy Group will help you operationalize compliance at a low cost as well as drive efficiencies into your business processes…..100% self service SaaS application 100% supported by a US based support team!


    Take the concern away from becoming HIPAA compliant.

    • Provides end to end compliance framework
    • Provides ongoing and point in time risk assessment
    • Records key risk management activities of your business
    • Comprehensive, cost effective cloud based solution

    Policies & Procedures

    The Policy Maker Module provides Policies and Procedures which are up to date with current law simply by logging in. We provide comprehensive and have experts on staff who constantly monitor the law and its changes.


    HHC’s Learning Management System provides the latest training and integrates with the Task Manager to enable role specific training and tracking. You gain expert level HIPAA knowledge, without the time and expense of costly course fees.

    Risk Assessment

    Don’t wait for your annual assessment to know where your business stands. Risk Assessment allows you to see every day that you’re protected. No more scrambling to track down all the data for your annual assessment; this tool provides the details in a user friendly format each time you log in.

    Asset Inventory

    One complete view of any hardware or software that touches ePHI, provides assurance that you have the latest and safest technology required for compliance. Knowing and reporting this is a requirement of the law.

    Contingency Plan

    Business continuity is more than just a plan when it comes to the health of your patients…it’s an obligation. The Contingency Plan provides for a multitude of circumstances which have the potential to interrupt normal business operations of your practice.

    Incident Response Tool

    The Incident Response module aids in appropriately addressing potential incidents involving PHI through review and applying sanctions when applicable. When an incident occurs, HHC helps guide you down the path to resolution to ensure you are protected.

    Audit Readiness

    You may not know when it’s coming, or if it’s coming at all; however, the Audit Module ensures you remain ready if an audit occurs. Not only does this module assist in audit preparation, it provides a system of communication with the auditor. You have everything you need, and HHC is here to put it all together for you.

    Endpoint Protection

    Experts agree that the weakest part of a network are the end points, and end point protection is a critical part of any HIPAA compliance program. By integrating McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection (anti-virus, personnel firewall) into HHC, we ensure that these endpoints are have the appropriate level of protection needed to both meet the HIPAA standard and to protect your organization from commercial level threats and attacks that are currently trying to penetrate your network.