Five useful household items

Five useful household items

When buying something for the home, do you consider if you’re purchasing useful household items?

As we are spending more time at home, it’s hard not to want to give it a good make over. Investing in soft furnishing, more rugs, bedding and all the pretty things. However, when you look around is there other areas you could invest your time and efforts in to help make your home life a little easier.

Here are 5 useful household items which are functional and easy on the eye.

A door stop

I didn’t realise until spending so much time at home how annoying creaky doors are. Our bedroom door was propped open with a teddy or an old top. However, finding a stylish door stop stops the clutter on the floor. Additionally the door is open fully making the room feel bigger. Plus our concrete door stop looks great too.


Extremely useful storage, which look great too. Perfect for storing toilet rolls, kids toys, hiding wires or just to pop your shoes in at the door. I love to pop a basket at the bottom of the stairs and collect all the items that need to be transported upstairs throughout the day, especially if you have a child in one hand.

Face masks

Not really a household item but now an every day essential. Fabric masks are perfect, they will last you the whole duration of this virus. Wash them time and time again. I love putting a freshly washed mask on and the smell of clean washing is with you all day! Fabric masks are much better for the environment too, opposed to disposable masks that will not biodegrade.

Soap dish

Whats not to love about a soap dish?! There are the most beautiful soaps out there now days that will leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised, opposed to dry and sticky. Soap dishes will look pretty on the side of your bath and sink and will also help your soaps last longer by providing drainage so they can dry in-between uses.


I love a nice bowl,  perfect for beside you bed side table. Put your hair bobbles, hair clips and pillow mist all in one place instead of scattered around the table. Putting everything together will make it much easier to find the next time you need it!

I hope you found these little pointers useful.  Little objects you can gather for your home to be both functional and pretty whilst helping to organise and keep your home orderly and tidier with minimal effort.