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Enterprise-grade systems is key. The type of protection your servers and key networking and telecom components need is often not sold at big box electronic stores. We recommend that you work with an experienced integrator, such as SNC Squared, to insure that everything works correctly and meets obligatory requirements.



Protection and Longevity

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Integrator / Consultant

The number one asset in protecting your network is developing a relationship with a vendor neutral technology integrator/consultant like SNC Squared. They can help you find the best deals, design the best networks, help you scale as your practice grows and provide support when you need it. Make sure your integrator/consultant has healthcare specific experience. Ask for references, and follow up with them. For example, every staff member is HIPAA certified at SNC Squared. As an additional value-add, we offer HIPAA training classes and certification for our clients at a discounted rate.

Power Protection

Make sure your critical infrastructure is protected from power interruptions with a commercial grade uninterruptible power supply. Again, business grade is key. The type of protection your servers and key networking components need is often not sold at big box electronic stores.

You should purchase a battery that provides at least 20 minutes of runtime and software that will safely shut down your system when power is exhausted. We recommend that you work with your integrator to insure that everything works correctly.

Data Backups

Backing up your data is critical to you being able to recover from a natural, man-made or human-error disaster. HIPAA and many insurance agencies now require that you have in place a disaster recovery plan that includes data backup. We recommend that you backup your data daily and store backups off site. Backing up your data can even be automated over the internet. Work with only reputable companies if you choose to backup over the Internet. In general, your PMS/EMR vendor and your ISP are good sources for reliable internet based backup services, as both likely resell these services from proven data-recovery software firms.

Anti-Virus System Management

Your IT provider will help you choose a commercial level anti-virus utility that fits your network and your needs. Your IT consultant should also work with you to develop a scheduled maintenance and support plan for your network. Regular and consistent maintenance will ensure that your network runs smoothly, as well as allow you to sleep better at night.

Healthcare IT Experts

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